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Termites and Foreclosures – A Case Study in Ridgefield Park

With the number of foreclosed homes coming on the market, many people looking for a new place to live are finding good deals to be had.  But you need to be careful. Many times, a previous owner who couldn’t make the mortgage every month let other maintenance items lapse too. A basement  that has always […]

The “T” In Model T – Stands For Termite?

Termites are known for their ravenous appetite, but I bet you never thought they would invade something other than your house. Early automobiles were made mostly of wood. And of course where there is wood, there are termites. Case in point: A tale of termites and a Model T Tampa Bay Newspapers “Surprised that a […]

Roaches Spend 50% Of Their Time Grooming Themselves?

Roaches are really gross, right? People hate to see them in their house. However, did you know that roaches spend an average of 50% of their time grooming themselves? N.C. State’s Roach Grooming Study Attracts Attention Technician Online “Coby Schal’s research relating to the self-cleaning habit of cockroaches has opened new avenues for study and […]

Poisons and Beneficial Wildlife Don’t Mix

Rodents are gross. They leave disease filled droppings everywhere. Some people just head down to the home improvement store to pick up rat poison and, problem solved, right? Unless you cause even more damage with your solution. Case in point: An owl’s death in Ridgefield Park points up dangers of rat poison STEPHEN R. QUINN […]