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Getting Rid Of Ants

Ant hill on a tree close up







Finding ants in your home can be a big problem. Some ants can damage walls, wood structures, sidewalks/concrete, and much more, but all are a nuisance when they decide to invade your home. There are several types of ants typically found around the home. The two most common are carpenter and pavement ants. Once you identify these ants and understand their background, controlling them will be a lot easier.

Carpenter Ants






Carpenter ants can become a huge problem because they can destroy wooden structures. They are often confused with termites by many homeowners. With a carpenter ant identification guide, you can discover the difference between the two. These worker ants tend to be black with elbow antennas. Like termites, they damage the wooden structure of a home for different reasons. Termites tend to eat the wood but leave dirt or mud behind. This is a clue to distinguishing between termites and carpenter ants being the problem. Carpenter ants usually nest on wet, wooded areas, therefore common places will include hollow doors, windows, or other areas where the wood may be moist. These ants can live up to 60 days from the time the queen lays the eggs until they’re adults. You tend to see these during spring time or even early summer. While they damage the wood, they don’t eat it. They eat dead insects and honeydew secreted by the scale insects instead.

If you’re not sure if there is an infestation of ants in your home, the best way to find out and to see how bad the infestation may be is to call a professional. An experienced professional can find damage that you probably don’t know about. The best part is that they can help you resolve the problem completely thanks to years of experience and training.

Ant Hill






The pavement ant is another type of ant that may build a nest outside or in your home. These ants are dark brown to black in color. They can be found in the home around Spring. You’ll find carpenter ants around wooded structures. These ants tend to be found on concrete, concrete cracks or between cracks in the foundation. If you see small soil piles (micro ant hills) then you may have this type of ant infestation.


If you already have an ant infestation to the degree you can see them in bulk then it’s time to seek out professional pest control experts to come out and assess then help you eliminate the problem. Don’t try to do it yourself!