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Poisons and Beneficial Wildlife Don’t Mix

Portrait of a bald eagle

Rodents are gross. They leave disease filled droppings everywhere.

Some people just head down to the home improvement store to pick up rat poison and, problem solved, right?

Unless you cause even more damage with your solution.

Case in point:

An owl’s death in Ridgefield Park points up dangers of rat poison


Late last year, a brief phone call grabbed Ridgefield Park resident Steve Quinn’s attention: His neighbor had just spotted a rare owl in a backyard spruce.

Quinn and his wife rushed to get a look at an exotic barred owl — on New Jersey’s threatened list and never seen in town before. But upon finding the owl sitting on the ground, they felt their excitement turn to dismay. The bird was clearly in distress.

Quinn, an experienced field ornithologist, carefully picked up the owl, discovered blood on its belly and under its tail, and knew what had happened: The bird must have consumed a rodent that had eaten poison. It died a short time later.

Rodent poisons can also poison those animals that feed on rodents, like owls, hawks, and eagles. These beautiful birds help us by keeping the rodent population in check.

Leave pest control to the professionals, PLEASE!

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