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Roaches Spend 50% Of Their Time Grooming Themselves?


Photo/Image by: Siamesepuppy, Flickr

Roaches are really gross, right? People hate to see them in their house.

However, did you know that roaches spend an average of 50% of their time grooming themselves?

N.C. State’s Roach Grooming Study Attracts Attention

Technician Online

“Coby Schal’s research relating to the self-cleaning habit of cockroaches has opened new avenues for study and potential pest control options. Schal’s research revolves around the cuticular lipids …”

It turns out that roaches do groom themselves, a lot. They also cover themselves with a waxy substance (a lipid) that helps to keep them from drying out.

It may serve other funtions as well, but this habit may also one day supply us with new methods to combat roach problems in the home.


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