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Termites and Foreclosures – A Case Study in Ridgefield Park

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With the number of foreclosed homes coming on the market, many people looking for a new place to live are finding good deals to be had.  But you need to be careful. Many times, a previous owner who couldn’t make the mortgage every month let other maintenance items lapse too.

A basement  that has always been damp, without the benefit of an operating dehumidifier, for instance, could become a new home for a termite queen in no time.

Here is an article about a Ridgefield Park couple that found their new home and talks about bank policies concerning termites.

Ridgefield Park: New buyers turn to the foreclosure market

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When foreclosure happens, the owners are often bitter and wreck the house in frustration, says Labruna, who was surprised to find that this particular house was empty and cleaned out.

The exception to the rule that banks won’t make repairs on fore­closed homes is when there’s a ter­mite problem. In this case, says Labruna, the bank did pay to have the house treated for termites. With a regular home sale, she adds, the seller is generally respon­sible for obtaining a certificate of occupancy in towns that require them. With foreclosure, the certifi­cate is the buyer’s responsibility, so the Edones had to invest in the necessary repairs.

Whether you are buying a foreclosure or not, a termite inspection should be on your list of “must haves”. Sentry can help, call us today.

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