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The Dangers Of Having A Wet Basement

water damaged basement

A damp basement often occurs because of the soil around the home. The basement floor usually consist of concrete floors which usually take on the temperatures of the soil, thus causing it to become damp or moist.

When you have moisture in the basement, it can create many problems in the home. One of the most common problems you can find yourself facing with a damp basement, is mold. Mold is able to quickly reproduce in damp areas. It is important to understand that the airflow in a home starts at the bottom, and will work its way up. Therefore, a damp basement with mold, rot, and decay, will have moist air. This moist air along with everything in it, including the mold, will work its way up to other areas of the home.

Aside from mold reproducing in your basement, another problem you can face with a wet basement is bugs and critters. Insects need moisture to survive and are attracted to damp basements and crawl spaces. While some basement-dwelling insects are just a nuisance,  termites and carpenter ants will infest the major wooden beams holding up you house. The damp basement will allow them to reproduce rapidly, causing great havoc on the structure of your home if left unchecked.

While termites devouring the wood can affect the structure of the home, it is not the only thing damaging the structure. The dampness will cause the foundation and structure of the home, especially the wooden areas to rot. This is dangerous for anyone who is living in the home. Even the cemented areas of the home can be affected by dampness. The prolonged exposure to water and moisture can cause the chemical bonds in the cement to weaken, thus weakening the entire structure.

Upon having a musty basement, many people will try to correct the situation themselves, by vacuuming up any water found in the basement and carpet. This however, does not nearly begin to fix the situation. Instead what you need to do, when you discover there is moisture, or a musty smell in the basement, is to seek professional help. An experienced professional can offer several solutions to a wet basement, including moisture control, sealing the home, and various other options which can be available. Do not hesitate to seek help for this problem immediately, because the longer you wait, the more potential for damage and insect infestation.