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The “T” In Model T – Stands For Termite?

Model T & Termites

Termites are known for their ravenous appetite, but I bet you never thought they would invade something other than your house.

Early automobiles were made mostly of wood. And of course where there is wood, there are termites.

Case in point:

A tale of termites and a Model T

Tampa Bay Newspapers

“Surprised that a car had enough wood to be attractive to hungry termites? In the early days of the automobile, wood was essential in their manufacture. Some cars even used wood for the frames and axles. Most used wood for their spoked wheels and many …Tampa Bay Newspapers”



So, let this be a lesson – termites don’t discriminate. Anything made of wood can become a target to hungry termites, like your antique automobile or your couch, or even your water heater (I know, not made of wood but see related articles below).

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