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Why Sentry Should Also Be Your Home Improvement Contractor

kitchen-before-sentry kitchen-after-sentry foundation-before-sentry foundation-after-sentry

So you have decided to do some home improvements but you are not sure where to look. There are so many choices out there, where do you start? Well that is a dilemma that a lot of home owners deal with on a daily basis. First and foremost you want a company that has been proven to be trustworthy over the years. Sentry Termite and Pest Control has been around since 1978 as a family owned and operated business. We are also part of the West Milford Chamber of Commerce and we do stand behind our work. In today’s marketplace, with so much sloppy work by contractors, it is good to know who you can trust with complete confidence.

Why would you want a pest control company to handle your home improvements? Let’s start in one of the most common areas that people want to work on, the basement. Maybe you are looking to do a basement renovation, or basement finishing. Now one thing you have to think about is that when you deal with the basement that is where a lot of moisture sometimes gets and with moisture comes pests. We have some of the latest technology to help keep your basement drier. For example, we will install Sump Pumps in your home. Sentry will also conduct crawl space encapsulation, which is a way of insulating your home with a vapor barrier to keep moisture out. We can also help with basement waterproofing. Again, this is designed to keep the moisture out and also keep the insects and pests out.

If you need help with a kitchen, bathroom or home remodeling job, Sentry can help you here as well. Sentry can handle any type of home additions, or home renovations. If you want a general contractor or remodeling contractor, look no further. Sentry has been doing general contracting since 1978.

steel-bracing-concrete-after-sentry steel-bracing-concrete-before-v2
Steel bracing was placed into the expanded crack. Then concrete was packed into the space around the area to completely reinforce the repair.
Foundation cracks can indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is a vertical crack running down a cinder block wall in the process of being repaired.

Our staff includes some of the most skilled people in the business. We take great pride on the jobs we do and we never forget we are working on one of your most important possessions, your home. We have completed difficult jobs such as installation of support beams, sill plates, rim joist, floor joists, siding, sheetrock, shelving, molding, trim, decks and flooring. Sentry is not just a pest control company.

So let’s flip this around and ask, what should you look for when you are hiring a contractor? Well one thing we talked about already is honesty and trust. If you ever have any request for damage repair you can always call Sentry and we always give free estimates. Sentry is dependable, honest and we stand behind our work, we are not going to disappear tomorrow like a lot of other contractors.

Sentry is a local company and family-owned business. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and we have plenty of customers who will tell you they are happy with the work we did for them. We would be happy to show you our portfolio of jobs and customer testimonials.

Now if you are a person that believes that companies should be going green to protect our environment, Sentry has also adopted that philosophy and implementing Green Pest Management Programs to protect the environment and still get rid of the pests.

Lastly, and this is very important – Because we are a pest control company, our staff is specially trained at protecting your home from unwanted guests. That is why your pest control company should also be your home improvement contractor.

Our company motto is, “Large enough to handle your needs… Small enough to care.” Sentry means it. Give us a call for your home improvement needs.