Our Team

We at Sentry are proud to have been servicing Northern New Jersey for over 40 years.  Sentry has always been a family owned and operated business.  Our goal and focus has always been to deliver prompt, reliable, courteous service at a fair and competitive price.

Our team is led by Jan TenHoeve with over 45 years’ experience in the pest control field.  Jan has a broad knowledge not only of termites, carpenter ants, general insects and rodents but of structural damage repair and construction.  He leads his team of well-trained, licensed technicians as well as helping all clients not only with experience but with respect and true caring.   He is a past president of the New Jersey Pest Management Association and a long standing member of the National Pest Management Association as well.

JoAnn TenHoeve leads our office with years of experience and a knack of knowing many of our clients as friends that she truly cares about.  She cheerfully answers the phone always looking to offer knowledge, help clients deal with pest control problems and scheduling not only as quickly as possible but for what’s most convenient for our clients.

Rich TenHoeve, son # 1, Brian Doyle who would be son #4 if one had to be chosen & Ray our trusted senior citizen who services all of our Sentricon Termite stations round out are our well trained, experienced, dedicated technicians.  Thankfully, they have each been with us for over 20 years and we don’t know what we would ever do without them.  We’re proud of them and of the compliments we often receive especially when our clients tell us they trust them completely and are pleased with the treatments they’ve performed.

Last, but not least, Debbie is the newest member of our office staff joining us after Marilyn retired after more than 20 years.  She’s doing wonderfully with us and learning as we move to the future.  We look forward to having her for a long time to come!

See What Others Say!

I was informed by a contract worker that i had a huge yellow jacket nest in a wood pile by my garage and he could not continue the work until it was removed. After careful consideration I contracted Sentry and explained the situation to JoAnn. She sent a worker out immediately to handle the situation and reported back to me promptly.

Anonymous - Previous Client

Rich came by, donned his beekeeper outfit and proceeded to spray the moulding and area around the window. He also put a powder that was toxic to the bees returning to the hive. This was explained to me by him, I was not home at the time. My wife was home as he required to enter the house and check the area around the window for any indication of bees inside. The process was relatively quick, about twenty minutes. He said to give it about a week and if I saw any bees to call him. I saw a couple for the next two days but then none. He is a very friendly person and a competent professional.

AnonymousAnonymous - Previous Client

I am so impressed ! A company who has came on time and gave me a same day appointment !! Rich was knowledgable and took the time to explain everything . I'm fully confident I hired the best company . I highly recommend .