Bees, Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket nests are sometimes built in open areas or within bushes but most of this species build their nest in a space dug out below ground. They can quickly become aggressive if their nest is disturbed. Workers can repeatedly inflict painful stings.

Wasps have narrow bodies and are usually brownish with yellow or red markings. They build a grayish-colored single layer, paper like comb with cells opening downward and attached by a single long part to a twig, tree branch or surface such as a window frame. The workers are quite protective of their nest and will inflict painful stings if disturbed. Bald-faced hornets are black with light yellow to white markings.

European hornets are very large and are brown with yellow abdominal stripes and a pale face. Both hornets build large usually grayish to brownish colored “paper carton” aerial nests that are often as large as a basketball. Bald-faced hornet’s nests usually hang in exposed locations such as trees while nests of European hornets are often located in a wall or an attic. Workers of both species protect their nests and give sometimes repeated stings if they or their nest is disturbed.

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