Cave Crickets

Cave Crickets, also known as Camel Crickets or Spider Crickets can be found in caves as well as damp, cool areas either inside or outside of homes. They are widespread in the US and have a lifespan of about one to two years. They do not possess sound producing organs, so they do not chirp nor do they have wings unlike other cricket species. Cave crickets leap when they are frightened as it’s their only defense mechanism to scare off predators. Females will lay their eggs in early spring preferring dark, warm and humid areas. The eggs will then typically hatch during April and May. Cave crickets do not pose any health threats to humans as they do not have the ability to bite. They do, however, become a nuisance if they gain entry into a home. The most effective way to deter cave cricket infestation is to reduce areas of moisture in and around the home. A dehumidifier is recommended to prevent moisture conditions indoors and to reducing or eliminating moist harborage areas near structures outdoors by removing woodpiles and debris.

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